Fund Me!

Hey folks!

I’ve recently set up a Go Fund me campaign, which you can find here-

This campaign is to help fund my tattooing career. I have machines of my own, but they’re very cheap ones. This campaign is to afford higher quality, and thus more reliable machines and equipment. Any help will be a HUGE help, so if you want to support an artist, follow the link, and I’ll love you forever!

Etsy and Nuvango shops

A while back I had set up a shop through Etsy, a neat little site where I purchased many items for my wedding. Featuring lots of home-made crafts, beautiful clothes, and of course a few china-made quickies, it’s a great site to browse through for inspiration and general spending!

I stopped selling on Etsy for a while after having some issues with my postal services (A few items arrived bent in half and, thus, ruined).

However, I’ve taken it up again, but I’ve also added another site-

Nuvango, formerly known as GelaSkins, is a Toronto company known for making phone cases and skins. A friend of mine has worked there for years and gave me the heads up that it had been changed around to finally allow artists to freely add their own artwork to the site to be sold as phone skins, laptop cases, and even canvas prints!

SO, should you be interested, I will gradually be adding my collection to both sites. Please feel free to browse through them and support me in my artistic quest!

Nuvango Shop

Etsy Shop

Pegasus Ink

I am very happy to announce that I am now the apprentice at Pegasus Ink in Northbrook, Ontario.

Pegasus Ink is a tattoo and piercing shop that opened in May of this year, and business has been growing steadily enough for the owners to take me on as their apprentice.

I have been interested in Tattoos for some time now, and am very excited to take on this new canvas!

Come check us out at 12302 Highway 41 in Northbrook. Hours are 1-8 Monday to Saturday and 12-6 Sundays.

Also check out