Booking Information

Mobile tattoo appointments are open on a limited basis and only for specific styles. I will not be accepting heavy line/geometric work or text. Traditional, Stippling and Black & Grey only. Feel free to message with your idea to clarify.

See below for more information on your tattoo date.

Here’s what your appointments will look like.

Once you’ve contacted me about setting up an appointment, I will send you various forms to fill out. These will include a health screening, a sanitation agreement, as well as the standard liability waiver that you sign in every tattoo shop. You can send them back to me or print them off and have them ready when I arrive.

I will also send you a prep-guide to get your space ready for tattooing.

The maximum number of clients/tattoos I will do in one day will be 4 in a single household, to maintain physical distancing. All waiting clients must be in another space, or outside.

I will not be booking second households in a day, to help prevent any cross-household contamination, and to respect social circles. So, once a tattoo is booked on a day, no other households will be booked for that day.

Clients may have a single support person present, but both must wear masks. I will have disposable masks available for an extra $2 fee if you need. Your own personal mask is acceptable as well.

Please be sure to read the requirements for your home carefully, which can be found in the Book Now tab in the menu. This information will also be sent to you at booking.

And please, don’t be alarmed or insulted by the amount of PPE I will be wearing at your appointment. This PPE will include an apron, sleeve guards, a mask and protective glasses. My machine parts and bottles will also be bagged. All of this will be taken out of the home with me in a garbage bag, so you will not be responsible for throwing it away.

Update to services

After some thought and honest observations, I’ve decided to stop taking painting commissions and focus on Pointillisms (and tattoo when I decide to open up for it again).

Paintings have become few and far between, and I find most of my paints are beginning to dry out. In fact, the most they’re used now is for my children. They don’t care if my paints are clumpy!

Paint supplies also aren’t that cheap, and having to restock colours for one painting often means I’m left either at a neutral or negative financial position when it’s done.

So, while a couple of people had discussed some possible work in the future, My focus will instead be on pointillisms. I’m very excited to move into new creative processes with this, including colour pointillisms using chromatics and interesting mixing effects. I’ll be making a lot of tiny pointillisms, to stay productive and to try out new ideas and themes of work, including some more relevant pieces.

I’m still not tattooing because of COVID-19 (see this update), and I will update this site when I am available again for tattooing.

Thank you for your support!


Closing Etsy

I have decided to close my Etsy shops, effective immediately.
Over the last few months, I’ve come to realize that Etsy, once an artisan website where creators, makers, whatever-you-want-to-call-its could sell their self-made creations, has changed. It has changed in a way that I will no longer endorse.
In the last few months, my partner and I have been working on starting a resale business. In that process, I have noticed that resalers are all over the internet and in places you wouldn’t expect, like Etsy. Etsy was originally supposed to be for artists. It has since become inundated with resalers, wholesalers, and anything but original artists. Maybe that’s why I haven’t sold anything there in a long time, maybe not, but either way, I will no longer be sharing my limited funds and creations there.
If you are ever interested in purchasing a piece from me, please message me through this website or through my facebook, or word of mouth.
Thank you for your support, and please do continue to support creators!