Emily Engel


Art is merely a difference of perception. Whether or not it has meaning is entirely subjective according to the viewer—The artist has little to do with its interpretation.

This artist has changed through her use of Pencil, Charcoal, Acrylic, Oil, Watercolour, Tattoo, and Pointillism. She has created portraits and landscapes, both realistic and abstract. She has created honesty and surreality, highly detailed and highly emotional works. She changes freely, as that is the art of her life.

Her education in art has been through informal classes in community colleges as an adolescent as well as throughout secondary school and into her spare time. Into adulthood, she taught herself new styles and techniques while beginning to explore Tattooing. Her abbreviated tattoo apprenticeship took place in a now-defunct shop, where she learned exceptional sanitation practices and a basic understanding of tattooing techniques and principles. Since then she has been self-taught, specializing mostly in black and grey work and focusing more on realism as well as some traditional and floral work. Deep shading and stippling are her passion, crossing over into her other niche artwork: Pointillisms.

The term Feral Sister derives from the artist’s role as the little sister in her family. She is also a mother, partner, daughter, and friend. It is through these wild lives that the artist continues to change herself and her art, and welcomes all challenges.

What I do
  • Pointillism 5+ years
  • Tattoo 5+ years
  • Sketch 20+ years
  • Paint 20+ years

I asked Emily to create a piece to honour the memory of the best dog I’ve ever known. I was new to the process and Emily was patient and helpful in guiding me. Her amazing work reminds me of the great friend I had and miss each day. Thank you Emily.


Emily is amazing! She painted my mom’s dog perfectly. It looks just like him. We are beyond happy with it! So talented


Emily has tattooed me quite a bit, such a wonderful human – and an amazing artist.