Update to services

After some thought and honest observations, I’ve decided to stop taking painting commissions and focus on Pointillisms (and tattoo when I decide to open up for it again).

Paintings have become few and far between, and I find most of my paints are beginning to dry out. In fact, the most they’re used now is for my children. They don’t care if my paints are clumpy!

Paint supplies also aren’t that cheap, and having to restock colours for one painting often means I’m left either at a neutral or negative financial position when it’s done.

So, while a couple of people had discussed some possible work in the future, My focus will instead be on pointillisms. I’m very excited to move into new creative processes with this, including colour pointillisms using chromatics and interesting mixing effects. I’ll be making a lot of tiny pointillisms, to stay productive and to try out new ideas and themes of work, including some more relevant pieces.

I’m still not tattooing because of COVID-19 (see this update), and I will update this site when I am available again for tattooing.

Thank you for your support!


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