Selling on Society 6!

For several months, I had my art available in print-form on a site called Nuvango. It was a Toronto based company, once going by the name Gela-Skins, known for their phone cases and skins. At first they only had select artists who’s art would be sold in these formats, but soon the site began to boom as people outside of the select-group were given the ability to upload their own images to make into phone cases. This customization quickly evolved into a broader opportunity for every artist who stumbled upon the site to get their art out into the world for sale. The site began selling items like Canvas Prints, T-Shirts, even Leggings and Pillows!

However, with this expansion came one issue: the site became inundated with art. It became impossible for artists to become featured on the main site of the page- there were so MANY of them! Exposure was hard to get.

So, a few months ago, Gela-skins (now operating under the Nuvango title) changed their format back to their earlier days, focusing on a select few artists, and taking away the ability for artists to post on the site.

So, looking for a similar outlet to sell prints and such, I found Society 6. The concept is the same, and so are the issues, but That’s not much of my concern. I’m aware that it’s difficult to get traffic to my site and to purchases. However, it is still a place to send those who DO express interest in supporting my art.

So, I present you with my Society 6 page, under the Feral Sister name!


Published by Emily

NASM-CPT, Artist, Mom, Food Fanatic

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