The Re-Branding of Both of Seven

A name is born of circumstances and timing, and the time has come for a change!

Both of Seven was conceived as a professional venture for an artist. It will remain as such. However, some things must change.

The name Both of Seven originated as an obscure description of the way I was living my life. On the south side of Highway 7 in Ontario, I was born and raised, and my family continues to live there. My roots are in the farm country there, the open fields and the sweet, homely scent of manure and hay. Cows and barns dot the landscape, but not forever- there is life nearby, never too far, never too boring but never too pressing either.

However, love brought me North of the highway, into the land of lakes and deep forests and back-country talk. Hunting and Fishing were a way of life there, and I embraced it wholly.

But change comes sometimes, and as much as the north side of the road still holds a place in my heart, I am no longer straddling 7 on a regular basis, and so I am no longer both of it.

The process in finding a name can be difficult. Sometimes a name will jump out at you and speak to you, but there are some people who can’t find a name so easily, and I am one of them.

My parameters were to pick something descriptive of my self, no matter where my life may take me. I had used a name once to represent my lifestyle, but lifestyles change, and this was unforeseen at the time.

So this time it’s personal!

I also wanted to have more fun with this name, and when I finally decided on it, the style changed as well. Both of Seven was a wild venture, born in the trees and swamps, the essence of the countryside. But now, it’s to be born in me.

Feral Sister is an homage to both my family and my lifestyle. I have taken much from living North of 7, and hold those I loved there deep in my heart for my life to come. And having grown into the wild-side of myself because of it! But I have returned home, if only for a time, to remember my roots and what first inspired me.

Published by Emily

NASM-CPT, Artist, Mom, Food Fanatic

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